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What No One Is Telling You About At-Home Schooling

I know a lot of families struggled last spring. As if the uncertainty of the pandemic wasn't enough, you may have been thrown into the role of teacher, academic cheerleader, and Zoom meeting expert. If it felt crazy and even uncomfortable, you were not alone. I can't tell you how many parents I talked to who were frustrated and overwhelmed. Adding a new role to your work and home responsibilities is a HUGE deal. I hope you give yourself credit for making it through in one piece!

I want to reassure you that you can successfully integrate at-home schooling and your work. It can be done. You may, however, need to rewrite your family playbook in the process. Trying to smash schooling into your already-packed schedule won't work. I know because I tried and failed.

Our family actually did the opposite of what most families experienced last spring. We started off homeschooling 9 years ago, and then I added my wellness business to the mix. I quickly realized that I couldn't just re-do little bits of our family schedule.

The old way of doing things went out the window and had to be replaced with:

  • A new family routine

  • New expectations

  • Priority given to those things that are truly most important to us (a few things had to fall away in the process)

  • Kids participating in more chores

  • A new family mindset in which mom wasn't the only person who could answer questions, solve problems, or do the laundry

Guess what happened after we made those shifts? Our family settled into the new rhythm after some trial-and-error. The kids were more confident and had more life skills. I could experience the joy of teaching my kids and creating a business that I love.

  • Is it all sunshine and roses? No.

  • Is our home always completely spotless. No.

  • Are we enjoying the journey together? Yes!

Don't be afraid to rewrite some rules as you transition into this new chapter of your life. Be brave. Be creative. Be confident. You CAN do this.

All My Best,


I’d love to put our heads together and come up with a game plan to make your transition into at-home schooling as smooth as possible. Click here to book a FREE Life Coaching Discovery Call


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