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Tired of Going it Alone?


Unleash Your True Potential with Us!

Feeling overwhelmed in your quest for more, like you're barely tapping into your full potential?


You're not meant to carry this load alone.


Join a community that's not just understanding, but empowering.


A place where your journey, struggles, and victories are shared and celebrated.


I've created a powerhouse of incredible women who understand the value of uniting in a community.

Together, we're stronger, sharper, and unstoppable.

Welcome to the Mighty Hearted Community

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You Know God Created You for a Purpose

You understand that God has an amazing plan for you, but the challenge of tight schedules, endless tasks, and commitments can be overwhelming.


It's even harder when you're trying to do it all alone.


What if you had a tribe?


Women who uplift, support, and cheer for you?


We're here to make the journey easier, more enjoyable, and full of meaning.


It's time to dive headfirst into the life you were created for.


Reclaim your time, energy, hope, and God-given confidence with the Mighty Hearted.

Women Holding Hands

Step into the Mighty Hearted Movement – your gateway to a life of more.


More purpose,

more passion,

more connection. 


A community that delivers change you from the inside out (not a superficial"Band-Aid" approach).


You don't need to be a superhero overachiever, simply bring your vibrant, awesome self.


Join us in transforming our everyday routines into lives full of energy and fulfillment.

Led by Kate Wood, a Christian Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence expert who's deeply committed to your success and who won't let you settle. 

Whether you're aiming to:

  • improve your health

  • strengthen family relationships

  • create something new

  • care for others

  • or anything else God lays on your heart


we're here to support you!


And if you're still discovering your calling, this is the perfect place to start.

Woman taking a selfie

Ready to ditch overwhelm, supercharge your life, and wake up each day with confidence and excitement?


Then you're in the right place.

Join the Mighty Hearted


Start your purpose-driven journey today for just $97/month.


Most importantly, we understand that life is unpredictable – you have the complete freedom to cancel your membership at any time, without any yearly commitments.


This is your journey, on your terms.

🌟 Biannual Bonus: A Special Offering 🌟

Celebrate your dedication with us!

Every 6 months, unlock an exclusive opportunity: a "6-Month Milestone Deep Dive" – a 40-minute one-on-one session with Kate.


Designed to honor your journey, this session is a deep dive into personalized strategies and heartfelt support, celebrating both your 6-month and 1-year milestones within the first year of your membership.


Please Note: This limited-time offer is our way of saying thank you to our current members. As our community grows, the availability of this bonus may evolve. 


What We Offer

  • Weekly Zoom calls

  • A wildly supportive community

  • A vibrant private Facebook group

  • Exclusive members-only discounts on optional coaching services for when you want a little extra support


The Fine Print

Commit to the journey, and see transformative results.

If not, we offer a no-risk guarantee.



The Mighty Hearted Awaits!


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Meet Kate Wood


A Christian Life Coach, Health Coach, and Emotional Intelligence Coach with 20+ years experience working with women, Kate empowers women to lead more joyful, authentic lives.


She works holistically, covering mind, body, spirit, and emotions, guiding clients toward the life they were created for.

What clients are saying...


"Now, I'm energized about my goals without feeling drained."


"Kate helped me create a solid plan amidst the chaos!"


"I was able to propel past overwhelm and crippling beliefs."


"Kate is the real deal and is genuinely on your side. 

She's very relatable and has the knowledge to back up what she's teaching."


"Kate is very supportive and invested in your success.  She has such a passionate and beautiful heart."


"Kate is the whole package when needing coaching about health, fitness, emotional and spiritual health. "

If you have any questions, email

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