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Effects of Avoiding Emotions

Have you ever blown up at your kids or spouse for something minor and wondered, "Why in the world did I overreact so badly?"


Have you ever sat at a gathering, church service, or holiday event where you "should" have felt happy or excited, but you just. felt. numb?


Have you been confronted with a conflict and instead of dealing with it, went into a scrolling or binge-watching fog instead?

This is what's happening:

Maybe you thought that these are all unrelated.

Maybe you thought that these are "no big deal".

Maybe you believed that there's nothing you can do about emotional avoidance.

Maybe you've felt so stressed, that you believed that you couldn't even be bothered with "all the feels".

Let me tell you (in a "speaking the truth in love" kind of way), you are wrong.

  • All three of these coping mechanisms ARE related.

  • They ARE a big deal, because they're holding you back from the life and relationships you are meant for.

  • You CAN do something about these, and I can walk you a proven step-by-step process to work with emotions instead of living the ignoring/ "stuffing"/ exploding cycle that's holding you back in such a profound way.

  • I can bring you out of stress and "fight or flight" so you have the bandwidth to learn this process and start living life again!

Are you ready for greater peace, renewed relationships and WAY less stress?

If you're yelling "YES!" at your screen, then you absolutely want to take part in the program I built just for you called:


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