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Avoidance is Overwhelming

There are times when we feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but we're not completely sure why. That general feeling of frustration and doom may keep following us through our days. We just feel uneasy.... One way to pinpoint the root cause is to ask yourself an easy question: "What am I avoiding?" Maybe it's:

  • A relationship issue

  • A difficult conversation

  • A financial problem

  • A big project

  • A seemingly scary decision

If you're "sweeping it under the rug", my guess is that you're overwhelmed by it, otherwise you would have faced it by now. I totally understand that change can feel scary or even anxiety producing, but that doesn't mean that you can't overcome it. That fear is merely your brain trying to keep you safe because your brain is wired for survival, not necessarily your success. Your brain WANTS to stay the same, but your heart and spirit may know full well that it's time to face those "monsters" so you can finally be free. Change doesn't have to take a long time. Change doesn't even have to be super difficult. Change DOES require some faith to step out and say, "I know there is a better life for me, and I'm going for it." If you're ready to face that issue you've been avoiding, I'd love to help you step into a place of freedom and confidence. You can book your free Discovery Call here. You've got this... All my best, Kate

Overwhelm Specialist, Life Coach, Health Coach, and Online Personal Trainer

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