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Safe and Effective At-Home Workouts

There are loads of benefits to working out at home. You don't have to look nice, drive anywhere, or worry about comparing yourself to other exercisers at the gym. I love working out at home because it's so convenient. Here are my top tips for keeping your in-home workouts safe! 

  • Make sure your weights are appropriate - sometimes we have an odd variety of weights at home.  Having a set of 2, 25, and 50lb weights are not going to work so well because the jumps in weight are too high!  If you don't have weights that slowly progress, like 2, 5, and 8 lb weights, get creative and use household objects like soup cans, etc to gently increase your weight as exercises start to feel easier. 

  • Use a mirror to check your form - this is an awesome way to see what your body is actually doing. Check out this video for things I watch for in my online clients! 

  • If you're using online workouts that aren't tailored to you, use modifications. - You don't have to do everything the instructor does.  If floor pushups aren't good for your shoulders, wrists, or abs, try wall pushups.  There are always many ways to work a muscle! 

  • If you're using online workouts or DVDs that are not tailored to you, don't be afraid to go slower. - One of the reasons I love using Trainerize for my clients is that they can work through the exercises at their own pace while still having access to my instruction.  I often find that workout DVDs transition too quickly between moves.  You should always be in control of your movements.  Rushing with poor form makes the movements less effective, or worse, unsafe. You can check out this video for more on this topic. 

  • Watch out for kids and pets!  They get underfoot! - This may sound like a no-brainer, but stay aware of who or what is around you.  You don't want to trip over anyone or anything.  

  • When in doubt, take a walk! - As long as you're cleared by your doctor or physical therapist to do so, walking is one of the easiest, safest forms of exercise you can undertake.  Getting out of the house and in the sunshine and fresh air is hugely beneficial during these home-bound times! 


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