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Fear and Anxiety Resources for You & Your Kids

Troubling events can magnify fears and anxiety in both adults and kids. I wanted to share some ideas for bringing some relief if you are experiencing racing thoughts, jittery feelings, worries that seem consuming, or other symptoms of stress and/or anxiety. (If you are ever concerned that your symptoms are medical in nature, please speak with your healthcare provider!) 1. Deep, slow, steady breathing (from the abdomen, not the upper chest) is a very effective way to tell our brains that we are safe when we go beyond a certain level of stress and our brain is no longer processing language well. Action: Learn a very easy way to practice this with children:

2. Passive muscle relaxation can be a great way to de-stress especially if muscle tension is exacerbating your situation. Action: You can find a practice you enjoy on YouTube like this one.

3. If you are cleared by your healthcare provider, exercise is always one of the top ways to relieve stress in most scientific studies on this topic. Action: Playing in the yard with your kids or taking a family walk can be a great way to discharge some stress.

4. Prayer and/or meditation. As parents, we don't have all the answers, but we can show our kids where we turn for strength, hope, and truth. Action: Simple prayers with your kids can demonstrate that we can turn to God during difficult or confusing times.

5. Music can be a great way to slow our racing mind. A dear friend introduced me to Scripture Lullabies when my youngest was a baby and my husband was deployed. It is VERY calming. (If you have Amazon Prime Music, you can access a lot of their songs for free.) Action: Take 5 minutes to locate some calming music.

6. Know that sugar and caffeine can make some people jittery or nervous feeling. Action: If you are feeling nervous, consider switching to a coffee alternative.

7. Never be afraid to reach out for help! Talk with your pastor, a trusted friend, your coach, your mentor, etc if you are feeling overwhelmed. You don't have to do this alone! Action: Call or text a safe, trustworthy person and share what's going on.

I hope one or two of these can be a help to you and your kids.

Please feel free to share this post with a friend. All my best, Kate Wood


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