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Pop Quiz! Where Are You in Your Transformation?

Let's travel back to our "Teen Magazine days" for a good ol' quiz!

Let's see how ready you are for some transformation!

When you think about the biggest issue that you would like to change you....

A. Go back and forth about whether it's a big deal or not

B. Have done some general research about how you could solve the problem yourself

C. Are currently researching experts who work with people to solve this particular issue

The next step in your problem-solving process will be...

A. Posting an inspirational quote on social media regarding the problem you're dealing with

B. Purchasing a book on the topic

C. Finding someone to bring onto your team to fast-track your progress (coach, trainer, counselor, etc)

When you think about how committed you are to the results you want you...

A. Prefer freebies that you find online

B. Are willing to spend some time and maybe devote some funds to working on it perhaps in a self-paced program or workbook

C. Are bound and determined that things are going to change and you are willing to devote your time and resources to that end. You are ready for someone to hold you accountable to your results.

Remember, one is not better than another. They're just different places on a continuum!

Mostly A's - Consideration Phase

The issue you're dealing with is on your mind, but you're not sure it really is worth much investment. You are keeping your options open and are willing to consider changing things in the future.

Pitfall to avoid: Getting too comfortable in talking about change, but not actually moving forward.

Mostly B's - "Trying it on for Size" Phase

You definitely view your problem as a pain point. You are open to researching and finding ways to start solving this issue.

Pitfalls to avoid:

  • Forever researching, but staying stuck in indecision about how to proceed.

  • Collecting resources (books, programs, etc) but never using them!

Mostly C's - "All-in" Phase

You're fired up and ready to change. You've done enough talking about and researching your issue, and you're ready to make a decision and get started on your transformation!

Pitfalls to avoid:

  • Falling into the "It won't work for me" worry when you find a good coach, program etc.

  • Undervaluing yourself and the life you want to be living.

Were you surprised about your results?

All my best,



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