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Weird Clues that Your Mindset is Shifting

Mindset shifts can be sneaky because you're undergoing a daily process of change.

You may not even realize it until something weird happens...

Here's my story:

I walked out of the closet one day and shocked my husband.

"You're wearing a color!" he said with surprise.

I had always worn a lot of black and gray. I thought I really liked those "colors".

As I went deeper into my mindset transformation, I realized that my thoughts were so much positive and expansive.

Without really realizing it, I started to change my appearance to match what was going on in my head and heart.

My inner confidence and joy made me want to shine outwardly.

(Crazy excited face is optional! Ha ha.)

Everyone is different in their experience of mindset shift and realizing they've changed, but here are some good clues that your mindset is changing and your vision is growing!

You start dreaming again...

In the past the question, "What do you want?" or "What do you dream about for the future?" might have annoyed you because you didn't have any ideas.

Now you have a list of things you'd like to do, try, or accomplish.

You say, "Why not? more often...

Maybe in the past you were the person who always had 18 reasons why a plan wouldn't work. (I was this person in my family!)

Now, you are likely to say, "Why not?" and think of ways to make it happen or advantages to trying something new.

Life feels easier...

In the past you may have felt that all tasks (even easy ones) were laborious and "hard".

Now you face your day with renewed energy and feel like you can tackle even the hardest things in your life.

Increased Confidence...

In the past, you may have tried to fade into the crowd. "Don't notice me!" "Don't ask me to talk!" may have been some of your go-to thoughts.

Now you seek out opportunities and relationships and can focus more on connecting with others.

If any of these sound like you, please email me at and share your experience. I'd love to hear from you and do a happy dance with you!

If these don't sound like you, but you'd like them to, are you ready to find out more? Let's talk about whether you might be a good fit for life coaching.


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