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How to Enjoy Your Vacation AND Stay "On Track"

Summer is in full swing and my guess is that you may have an upcoming trip that you're looking forward to.

But if you have some health goals you're trying to reach, how can you "stay on track" with them while still having fun?

Here are some ideas I used on a recent getaway with my husband.

1. Pack some of your own food

I'm not big on bringing giant coolers along with me (we have enough junk to bring already), but bringing a few snacks or breakfast items can help you keep healthy foods in your daily plan.

I brought:

  • Protein bars

  • Apples

  • Clementines

  • Bananas

  • 2-ingredient bagels (made with flour and Greek yogurt)

2. Stay active

Vacations can be a great time to get out and get some fun exercise in. During our trip we:

  • Walked a lot - it was so fun to walk in new places with new scenery. It didn't seem like "exercise" at all, but we logged a lot of miles.

  • Used the hotel gym - okay, this was my husband, not me, but surprisingly the hotel had an amazing gym, so he took advantage of it each morning

  • Kayaked in the bay - this is not a regular exercise for me, but it was really fun and a great arm workout!


  • If hiking, biking, swimming, paddle boarding etc are available and you're cleared for exercise, give it a go!

3. Have a few treats by choice

I wasn't going to go on vacation without having a few treats. Of course, the choices were endless: ice cream, fudge, cake, fries, pizza, etc.

I treated the foods not as "good" or "bad" but as choices.

I chose to have one dark chocolate raspberry treat and it was soooo good.

I chose to have a small glass of wine to toast our anniversary.

I chose to bypass the pizza, fries, and ice cream ,and I was okay with that because it wasn't an all-or-nothing treat situation.

I came home from vacation feeling like I had fun, but stayed true to my wellness intentions.

Remember, if your current plan is so rigid that it can't include holidays, vacations, or other "real life", it may not include the personalization and flexibility you need.


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