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Changing Envy into Evidence

With everyone posting their "highlight reels" on social media, it can be easy to fall into envy.

  • "Why does she get to have a happy marriage?"

  • "Why do they always get to go on amazing vacations?"

  • "Why are their kids smiling and well-behaved and ours are always fighting?"

We can fall into a trap of thinking that everyone else has it easy, and we'll never have what they have.

Myth #1 - Those pics are reality

Realize that most people don't post the pictures of their kids fighting, their messy kitchen, or how they are rolling their eyes at their spouse.

Those pictures tell only part of the story.

No one has the perfect life.

No one is perfect except Christ alone.

Myth #2 - "That could never happen for me."

Says who? You?

If someone else did it, why couldn't you?

What if instead of that image or post causing envy and self-doubt, you simply switched it into evidence that it CAN be done?

Do you really want that outcome?

What's standing in your way?

If someone else can do it and it really matters to you, I believe you can do it too!

Do you?

What could be possible for you if you were able to change the myths you may believing into truth so you could move forward in life with more freedom instead of spinning your wheels in comparison, perfectionism, or the belief that you're not "enough"?

If you'd like to find out, let's talk!


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