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Top 3 Tips for Your Ultimate Summer!


Summer is finally here!

Which means:

Time at the pool or the lake



I don't know ANY woman who doesn't high hopes in June for having a fabulous summer.

Here's how to make it happen!

Sunshine and Beach ball
My Top 3 Tips for Your Ultimate Summer!

1. SLOW DOWN (for real)

I know some people THINK they'll enjoy the "lazy" days of summer and get a break from the rigorous school year schedule, but they actually end up putting just as much on their calendars from June - August!

While certain personality types thrive on this, others (like me) do not!

Check in with yourself.

How is your pace?

Are you exhausted?

Maybe it's time to actually do something slower or quieter or perhaps NOTHING at all!

It's okay to not do every little thing you kiddos ask you to do.

Often they need to slow down a bit too.

2. Vary Your Routine

As long as you're cleared by your healthcare provider to do so, try a new exercise or take your workout outdoors.

Get off that treadmill and get outside!

Lighten up your meals with all the awesome fresh fruits and veggies available this time of year.

Add in something "luxurious". During the school year I'm out of bed and attacking the day early.

During the summer months, I read my favorite cozy mysteries while s - l - o - w - l - y drinking my coffee every morning.

It's my absolute favorite!

3. Prioritize Your Projects

Every springtime, as I see the dust gathering in various corners of my house, I promise myself I'm going to:

Declutter the house

Deep clean

Get the kids in a good chores pattern

Trim down

Train the dogs to be perfect citizens

Cook all whole food meals




And then, come August, I'm annoyed that I haven't put much of a dent in my list.

My suggestion to you is to pick TWO things to focus on.

If you complete one or both before the end of the summer (hooray for you!) you can just add in a new project (or not.)

Working on your summertime goals realistically and with focus will multiply your chances of success and leave you way less frazzled!

May these ideas spur you on to your best summer yet!

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All my best,


Christian Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and Health Coach


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