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Transform Perfectionism Into Progress

Do you often find yourself paralyzed by self-doubt or chasing the elusive shadow of perfection? 🌿

✨ If every little detail isn’t just so, does it feel like it’s not worth doing at all?

You're not alone in this cycle, but it's time for a summer intervention!

Here’s the truth: Self-doubt whispers that we're not good enough, and perfectionism loudly demands that everything must be flawless before we can move forward.

Together, they form a tag team that can knock out even the best of us from taking that first crucial step towards our goals.

But what if you could silence that nagging voice of doubt and turn down the volume on your inner critic?


​The Good News: Recognizing that ‘done is better than perfect’ is not just a catchy phrase—it’s a liberating philosophy. It allows us to move forward, make progress, and actually enjoy the journey without the pressure of impossible standards.

Imagine ending your summer not only with a list of accomplishments but also with a heart full of joy because you allowed yourself to try, learn, and grow without the burden of perfection.

Join us at the "Summer Reclaimed: Ignite Your Breakthrough" workshop, where we dive into these topics and more. This isn't just another pep talk; it's about creating real, actionable strategies to tackle the barriers of self-doubt and perfectionism.

In about 45 minutes, you'll walk away with a kick-butt game plan designed to make your summer both productive and relaxing. Yes, you can have it all!

🎉 Expect to leave with:

  • A blueprint for your summer that balances achievement with relaxation.

  • Practical tools to overcome perfectionism and self-doubt.

  • Renewed confidence to take on new challenges with a smile.

And don’t worry, this workshop is designed to be as fun and invigorating as a spontaneous beach day!

So grab your metaphorical sunscreen, and let's make this summer one for the books.

Ready to make big changes in small steps?

Let's kick off this summer with a breakthrough! Click here to join the workshop and reclaim your summer: Sign Up for Summer Reclaimed 2024!

Your future self will thank you. And remember, the only thing standing in the way of your perfect summer is, well, the pursuit of perfection!

All my best,

Kate Wood

Integrative Health and Wellness Coach


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