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Old Stories that are Keeping You Stuck

People typically have roughly 6,000 thoughts a day.

Many of those thoughts tend to be "repeats".

Some of those thoughts are "stories" we've been telling ourselves for years.

If that story is limiting our potential or is untrue, it is time to re-visit it and decide whether it's something we want to hold onto or let go.

I help women every day let go of old stories and harmful thoughts so that they can live free from overwhelm.

Old Story #1

"I just need….and, then I’ll feel ready."

This is a classic thought that will keep you stuck indefinitely.

If you're waiting for

  • Approval

  • 100% guaranteed success

  • Enough confidence

Your dream could be on hold for a LONG time.

As a business owner and as a woman who does things different from the "norm", I have had to move past fear and doubt in order to pursue the life I believe God has given me a vision for.

That feeling of "Oh my, I'm going to throw up!" is completely normal.

It's your brain's way of telling you, "Woah! We're doing something new. Are we sure this is safe?"

As you learn to trust your gut and take action, the confidence will follow. We just have to get things in the correct order!

TIP #1 : It’s normal to “start scared”. Action grows your confidence.

Old Story #2

"I can’t figure this out."

We can start to feel very nervous when faced with a situation that is totally new.

We love to feel like we know what we're doing.

When we don't, sometimes we just want to give up.

I dare you to blow this thought out of the water.

Here are some ideas:

  • Google it (My teen son tells me this daily!)

  • Hire an expert to help (a coach, a lawyer, a consultant, etc.)

  • Pray and ask for wisdom and knowledge.

"His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." 2 Peter 1:3

Tip#2 : You CAN figure things out.

Old Story #3

"If I don’t succeed, I’m a failure."

Did you catch that? It's not that we're scared that the endeavor may turn out differently than we hope.

It's that we believe if the enterprise "fails" that WE are failures.

What if the outcome was not tied to your self-worth?

Would that free you up to try something new/scary?

Tip #3: You are enough, regardless of outcomes.

If you're ready to explore how changing these "old stories" can allow you to write a new script for your life, please set up a time to chat with me here.

All my best,


Overwhelm Specialist, Life Coach, Health Coach, and Online Personal Trainer


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