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Navigating Emotions as Our Kids Graduate

Today, I want to address a topic that many moms in our community are experiencing—mixed emotions as our children move up to the next grade or graduate from high school or college.

Remember, it's natural to feel a range of emotions during these times, and it's important to acknowledge and embrace them rather than suppress or ignore them.

In this stage of our children's lives, we may find ourselves feeling a mixture of:



and joy

as we witness their growth and achievements.

However, it's also common to experience a sense of grief or sadness as we realize that our kids are becoming more independent and taking steps further away from our protective embrace.

And guess what? ALL of those emotions, both the pleasant and unpleasant, are OKAY and very normal!

Here are my top 4 tips for Navigating Emotions as Your Kids Graduate or Promote to the Next Grade

1. Acknowledge and Accept Your Feelings: It's crucial to recognize that feeling a mix of emotions is entirely normal.

Give yourself permission to experience them without judgment or guilt.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey.

2. Practice Self-Compassion: Be gentle with yourself as you navigate through this emotional time.

Allow yourself moments of self-care and reflection.

Take time to process your feelings and nurture your own well-being.

This could include taking time to

  • journal

  • pray

  • meditate

  • tap

  • walk

  • or just sit still and BE with the emotion.

3. Connect with Other Moms: Reach out to your support network of fellow moms who may be going through similar experiences.

Sharing your thoughts and emotions can provide comfort, reassurance, and a sense of community.

If you feel like you're lacking community, or just want to add more goodness to your life, you are invited to join my private Facebook group, The Trajectory Tribe Community.

4. Embrace the Milestones: Instead of dwelling solely on the sadness of your child moving forward, focus on celebrating their growth and accomplishments as well.

(Remember not to RUN from the sadness or other emotions, however. Allow and release them!)

Cherish the memories and be excited about the new adventures that lie ahead for both you and your child.

Remember, you are doing an incredible job as a mom.

Your love, guidance, and support have played a significant role in shaping your child's life.

Embracing the journey means allowing yourself to feel all the emotions that come with it, knowing that each step forward is a testament to your dedication and the beautiful bond you share with your child.

If you're struggling during this season and don't know how to allow yourself to feel and let go of emotions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

* * * If you're ready to explore how coaching can reduce stress, allow you to be at ease with your emotions, and enhance your relationships, let's talk. * * *

I am here for you every step of the way.

Sending you love, support, and the strength to embrace this journey with an open heart.



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