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Must Have Boundary Setting Scripts

Setting boundaries is such an important way of safeguarding our values, our time, our energy, and our resources.

Healthy boundaries allow us to serve with love and not resentment.

But what happens when we need to set a boundary and we have






Your mind just goes blank....

Am I the only one?!?

So here are some starting points for simple boundary-setting.

Additional Boundary Scripts:


  • "I've really enjoyed talking with you, but I need to go now."

  • "Shoot. Wednesday doesn't work for me."

  • "I could meet you next week for an hour, but my schedule is full this week."

  • "This meet-up has been great. I need to head home now, but let's do this again soon."


  • "We are unable to host the 4th of July picnic this year."

  • "Thank you for thinking of me, but I am unable to volunteer today."

  • "Unfortunately, I can't attend your party. Have a fabulous time!"

  • "I can't head up that committee, but I can help with..."


  • "Let's talk about this later when we're both feeling calmer."

  • "This conversation is upsetting to me. I will not discuss this anymore."

  • "Thank you for asking, but I don't care to talk about it."

  • "Let's shift this conversation to discussing possible solutions."


  • "That text was hurtful. I don't allow others to attack me."

  • "I hear that you're upset, but that tone of voice is disrespectful."

  • "As a customer, I deserve better than this. I expect your company to find a solution."

Remember, you can state your need simply and then let your behavior do the rest.

No need to over explain or apologize.

There's nothing wrong with stating what you need in a calm, kind way.

If you missed last week's Ignite Your Life Show on boundaries, you can catch the replay here.

If you know you're ready to find out more about how transforming your mindset can change your life, book a call with me here.

Let's talk soon!

All my best,


Overwhelm Specialist, Life Coach, Health Coach, and Online Personal Trainer


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