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Lessons from the Gutter

We had the gutters cleaned on our house last week in preparation for winter and let me tell you something...

The stuff that came out of them STUNK to high Heaven!

It was OFFENSIVE and it hung on for days.

Why am I telling you this GROSS bit of info?

Here's why -

Yep, leave to me to make it all about mindset, but honestly, so much of your experience of life starts with MINDSET!

"I'm soooooo tired."

"I'm overwhelmed."

"Nothing will ever change."

"This stress is killing me."

"I'm a horrible parent."

"I stink at money."

"I will never be successful in business."

If you keep telling yourself you're tired, how do you think you'll feel most of the time (even if you DID get a good night's sleep)??

The answer: TIRED

If you continuously tell yourself that nothing will ever change, what will change??

The answer: NOTHING

You get where I'm going with this...

If you want to change your outcomes and your emotions, it starts between your ears.

This isn't simply mind over matter...

It's about truth.

It's about choosing your future.

It's about owning who you are what you're going to create with your time here on Earth.

If you're sick of doing the same old same old...

If you're finished telling yourself stinky lies all day every day...

If you're ready to get a little scrappy and BOSS UP...

Then what are you waiting for?

I've opened up some spots in my schedule to talk with a few motivated, "I ain't gonna live like this anymore" women.

Is that you?

You can renew your mind and clean out the stink and I'm here to help!

All my best,

Kate Wood


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