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Your little bundle of joy is here!


Congratulations, mama!  Whether this is your first baby or your tenth, I know you have planned for and prayed for your sweet babe for months!   He or she is here what?!? 


You may be wondering:

  • How can I possibly get enough sleep to function well?

  • How am I supposed to find time to eat healthy meals when I have so little time?

  • How do I integrate motherhood with my current situation, including other kiddos, work, and home life?

  • Will I ever get my pre-baby body back?


Mama, I'm with you! 

  • I've experienced 6 pregnancies. 5 kiddos are running wild through our house and 1 baby is waiting for us in Heaven. 

  • I've had some easy pregnancies and births and some really tough ones. 

  • I've experienced quicker recoveries and more challenging ones.   

  • We've had contented infants and some really fussy babies. 

  • I've walked through years of not enough sleep, lots of nursing and TONS of laundry!

One of our peanuts! 

As a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, I am here to talk with you about your health needs and offer support in the areas that are near and dear to your heart. 


Post-Baby Coaching is about talking through the great and the challenging parts of your journey and trouble-shooting solutions that fit your life! We can discuss topics such as:

  • Self-care from the trenches

  • Back-to-work strategies

  • Eating for energy

  • Setting goals while being realistic and kind to yourself

  • Blocked milk ducts

  • Fussy babies

  • Post-baby emotions

  • Stress management

  • Sleep!!!

  • Body changes after pregnancy

  • Anything else you want, whether it has to do with motherhood and baby or not!! 

Post baby coaching testimony.png

Ready to learn more? 

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