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Training Philosophy

Custom fitness that's true to you.

What motivated me to launch my own online personal training business was the fact that I was tired of seeing so many fitness programs targeted toward women, that were really designed for 18-year-old males.  What I am referring to are workouts built on high-risk movements that are meant to "impress".  A macho workout just isn't a good fit for most women, in fact they often result in injury and negative feelings toward exercise.  Exercise should not cause joint pain, leave you exhausted, or feel like punishment.  We deserve better! 


I understand the importance of exercise modifications and teaching you safe, pain-free ways to work each major muscle group.   Experienced women deserve customized, safe, effective workouts that serve to energize and inspire! You are a unique and beautiful creation. You deserve a unique and beautiful workout!


My training as a Senior Fitness Specialist made me appreciate the importance of fitness through all stages of life.  The choices we make now can have a major impact on our future quality of life.  Maintaining muscle mass, bone density, good balance, functional movements, and a healthy body weight can help keep us active into old age.  Bless your future self by making awesome self-care choices today.

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