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Your Choice, Long Way Around or Express Pass?

Have you ever called a friend when you were feeling super stressed, upset, frustrated, disappointed, and/or betrayed (so many emotions I could list here!) and you just talked in circles for hours?

Or maybe you've been so overwhelmed with emotions that you decided "I can't even....." and then went on to distract yourself with work, binge watching, or scrolling instead of feeling them?

Has either brought about lasting change or freedom?

My guess is that they didn't.

You may temporarily feel better (yay), but it's not a lasting solution (boo).

And then the emotions pop back up in physical symptoms, stress, anxiety, feeling numb, and/or emotional explosion.

And that's why I went DEEP into researching and applying all the best techniques and mindsets for stress management and emotional wellness.

And guess what? My clients are seeing big shifts in how they feel on a daily basis.

So you could wait until you have a bunch of free time to read, research, and "trial-and-error" things OR you can join a powerful program curated by someone who's been in the wellness industry for 20 years who researches and applies new techniques like a nerdy ninja.

Which do you think sounds better? The long way around the mountain or the express pass?

I've done all the heavy lifting for you!

In the small group coaching program, Redeeming Emotional Wellness, I've worked to give Christian women POWERFUL solutions to the struggles we face in the areas of stress and emotions.

I've put these practices and solutions into a step-by-step process to make things




We begin April 24th!

I am offering Redeeming Emotional Wellness as a beta program one time only, which means you can join for the lowest price ever.

It's time to invest in yourself so you can invite in more ease, peace, stability, healing, and fun into your life.

Let's do this together!


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