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Why Living with Purpose is Vital for a Fulfilling Life

Over the past months, I feel like God has rekindled the fire in me to laser in on helping women on their journey of rediscovering and embracing their God-given purpose.

And I've felt that I've absolutely been in the right place at the right time.

(Thank you, Lord!)

Then yesterday happened...

I was going to start working with a woman who had lost all her earthly possessions including her home, her job, and her sense of safety due to a natural disaster.

And I was nervous before I got on the call because I wondered if my "specialty" of living your purpose and passion was perhaps just a "luxury" afforded to those who live a pretty comfortable life.

You know, "pie in the sky" type stuff.

Hand carrying designer bag
Luxury or Necessity?

But once we established that she and her children were safe and provided for, I realized one huge thing.

Despite the trauma and hardship, her purpose and vision are what's keeping her going and giving her hope.

They are powerful reminders that her life is worth living in this tumultuous season.

So if you are tempted to think that living out your purpose

is a luxury for when you have "more time" or "less chaos",

you have it upside down.

Knowing what lights you up and what you have to offer to your family, your community, and your world are what sparks the growth and keeps you moving forward with joy.

Because there's really NOT strong motivation to:

Direct your time purposefully

Make the decisions with intention

Wake up with excitement and BIG energy

Focus in on what really matters to you on your magnificent life journey

IF you don't have that purpose and vision for your life.

So if you feel like your inner spark has dimmed, let's rekindle it together 🔥

If you’re seeking inspiration or a group of like-minded women to share this journey, I encourage you to check out the Mighty Hearted Community.

It’s a place where your dreams, your faith, and your purpose are understood and celebrated.

Let’s commit to not settling for less.

Let’s live the miraculous lives we were created for!

Looking forward to walking this path with you.


Kate Wood

Coach Kate

Christian Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach,

Behavior Change Specialist, and Health Coach

PS I recently created a video about this very topic. You can check it out on YouTube. Please subscribe while you're there


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