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Watch Out World! Here comes the lipstick.

Woah! That's some bright lipstick! Even my kids notice when I break out the bright stuff instead of my muted-pink lip gloss. I go bold in my lipstick when I want to be bold in my life. Why?

  • Going after your goals with singular focus takes confidence that you're on the right path.

  • Committing yourself to a life-impacting change takes a good dose of healthy self-worth. You are investing in yourself because you believe you're worth it!

  • Cutting out low-value distractions means you see your time as highly valuable.

  • Breaking out of the mold and doing something different means standing out from the crowd.

  • Trying something new takes an adventuresome spirit.

  • Risking failure shows that you believe enough in yourself and your goal to try something that stretches you.

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