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The Secret Reason You're Not Getting Results in Your Life

Do you ever feel like you've tried all the "stuff"

the self-help books

the programs

the endless Google searches


and you're still just as stuck as you were when you started?

Friend, I've been in that cycle of hopefulness, trying hard, and then ultimately, frustration and disappointment.

I get it!

The Secret Reason You're Not Getting Resuots

So what's the secret reason you're not getting results?

What do my clients and I do that gets them lasting results that nothing else has come close to achieving? I help women bring unconscious habits and knee-jerk reactions into conscious awareness. We get to the: "Oh, I see what's going on here. Now I know why I'm...." overeating or scrolling to escape my reality or yelling at my kids or feeling like life is SO hard With awareness comes choice. And when you see that you have a choice, you can finally act on the intentions that you've held for so long, but didn't know how to actually achieve. You can overcome the temptation to eat in an unhealthy way. You can get scrolling under your control so it no longer controls YOU. You can choose to respond in a godly way to your kids. Speaking in way that strengthens relationships, not one that tears them down. You can act with more energy and emotional lightness because you realize you can go into each day with less stress and more ease. Sound too good to be true? Listen to what my clients are saying: "I feel much more empowered, and I now have a solid foundation to beat the biggest issues I had been struggling with." - Rachel "Kate really helped me tackle my feelings of overwhelm." - Gina If you've been stuck and you WANT to change, but can't figure out why your plans keep backfiring, it's because what's really tripping you up is below the surface. You're not aware of the thoughts and beliefs that are driving the behaviors and emotions you so desperately want to change. And while this automatic, knee-jerk reaction to life is very "normal" for the vast majority of people, you deserve better! I help women get to the bottom of their most frustrating patterns (without taking years of therapy or endlessly digging around in painful memories) so they can have the life and emotional freedom they know they're made for. If you're ready to finally get lasting results, it's time for us to set up a time to talk about whether group coaching or private coaching with me is the answer you've been searching for. I'm excited to speak with you and find out what's going on now and where you want to be headed. The life you were designed for is so much closer than you think! ​Book your call now. All my best, Kate Wood

Christian Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and Health Coach


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