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The Major Oversight Christians Make in Personal Development

Are you working on "leveling up" a part of your life?

If you're a personal development junkie like me, I imagine you may be upping your game in multiple areas!

Whether it's

  • mental resilience

  • emotional wellness

  • physical health

  • spiritual wellness

all of them are exponentially enriched by inviting God into the process.

Often we make the mistake of only seeking God and His guidance when it comes to spiritual matters, but if you're leaving Him out of the other parts of your life, it's like you're trying to play the piccolo with one hand tied behind your back!

(That's a nod to all you musicians and "band nerds" out there. I am your kind of people.)

I ask God to help me resist temptation when it comes to eating food that's crummy for my health.

I ask God to help me feel His presence when I am experiencing big emotions.

I seek His Word when it comes to the way my mind operates.


I seek His leading when I coach...always.

Because if I don't, my clients won't get the true, deep transformation they deserve and were created for.

Is there a part of your journey that you're doing without God?

Invite Him in!

All my best,

Kate Wood

Christian Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and Health Coach

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