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Progress Thieves Part 2

My passion is to help women make good progress toward the goals that are close to their hearts. In Part 1 of this series we identified the Progress Thieves of Overwhelm, Perfectionism and Stink-Rot Thinking. Let's identify two more Thieves and kick them to the curb!

Are any of these Progress Thieves stealing from you?

Not "Calendarizing" Your Priorities - Maybe you've heard the saying, "What gets scheduled gets done." It's so true! Don't just leave your goals and intentions on an imaginary Post-It Note in your brain. (Am I the only one who has those?) If your goal is to work out four times a week, put those four appointments into your calendar with a specific time. Schedule other things around it whenever possible. You are worthy of making progress toward your goals so give them the honor they deserve by setting aside dedicated time for them in your calendar.

Failure to Recognize Successes Over Time - The favorite activity that I share with my wellness coaching clients happens when I make a document with all the progress they have made during our time together. I read all of their "wins" out loud to them and also give them a copy to keep. Without fail, they are blown away by all of the great things they did over the months that we worked together. Each woman is always shocked, not because she thinks she's a loser, but because she never realized all of the small and big steps she was making each day toward a better life. As busy women, we often fail to give ourselves credit for all we do each and every day. Give yourself a pat on the back! Write a list of all the awesome things you did this month, week, or even this morning. Acknowledge the growth and effort you are putting forth because it is meaningful and valuable.

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