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How Living Into Your New Identity Helps You Achieve Your Dreams


Has anyone ever asked you this?

Of have you said this to someone else?

This is a POWERFUL question that can change your trajectory!

woman looking at the sky
How would you answer this question?

Let me show you how this plays out...

You see, most people want to make a change in their life.

Let's use eating healthy as an example.

What most of us do is to resolve to "eat healthier".

Usually our aspirations are born out of an identity we DON'T want.

We go for the healthier eating because we feel out of control with our eating.

But here's what we tell ourselves:

"I'm out of control."

"I cave at the end of the day."

"I lose my mind when I'm stressed and go for the pantry."

And what happens when we continue to ingrain the "out of control" identity?

Its roots grow deeper!

And then our emotions and body follow suit.

Our brains feel swirly.

Our bodies feel heavy and "yuck".

We feel defeated, overwhelmed, and weak.

And by now you're seeing the traditional approach has it backwards.

The true change comes from living into the NEW IDENTITY, even before we can even see it outwardly in our day-to-day lives.

We don't WAIT for the scale to drop before we take on the identity, mindsets, emotions, and actions of a "healthy eater".

We don't WAIT for the craving for kale before we try that salad.

We don't WAIT for a "magic" feeling of self-control to spring forth from our old thought cycles.

We adopt the identity NOW and the rest follows.

Ask yourself:

How does the healthy eating version of me think?

How does she need to feel in order for her to say yes to those veggies?

What does this new version of me believe about myself and my life?

How do I carry myself physically now?

What actions are born from these feelings, emotions, beliefs, and mindsets?

Use the questions above as journal prompts and see what happens if you really give this a try!!

I believe in your results.

I believe in your dreams.

I believe in your intelligence.

I believe in your abilities.

And that's why I've gathered a group of tenacious group of women together in the Mighty Hearted Community.

Not just externally, but the inner work that makes life flow with greater ease in the direction you actually want to be heading.

Here's what two Mighty Hearted Members said just last week:

"It's the highlight of my week."

"THANK YOU for putting this group together. Truly, I am so grateful."

See you inside!

All my best,


Coach Kate

Christian Life Coach, Integrative Somatic Practitioner,

Emotional Intelligence Coach, Health Coach


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