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How Facing My Mindset and Feelings Led Me to Greater Joy and Authenticity

If you think I have it "all together" and that I always have, you are WRONG!

(Pardon me for correcting you, but I had to set the record straight.)

If you ask my best friend (who's known me for all but 4 years of my whole life), she'd tell you I've always been pretty organized and ambitious, however I suffered from a major case of overwhelm and "blah" as I hit my late 30's.

Wrapped up in the day-to-day of raising and homeschooling 4 kids (I have 5 now) had my mind racing and much of my "spark" rather dim.

I had even started my own fitness business, but I still felt jumbled up inside!

After studying everything related to fitness, nutrition, and wholistic wellness, I still felt that there were missing pieces of the puzzle.

If my physical wellness was 90% optimized, why did I still feel like a mess on the inside?

(If you are nodding your head "yes" and you don't have your "Jump Off the Hot Mess Express" Guide, you can grab it here.)

Kate Before and After
My Overwhelm Journey

And that's when God dropped Christian Life Coaching into my life and the lightbulb went on for me.

I needed to address the thoughts swirling around in my mind as well as the emotions that they triggered.

I couldn't hide from my inner life any longer.

And you know what? Everything started changing for me.

By addressing my mindset and "making friends" with my feelings, I began living a life of much greater joy and authenticity.

Do I still love organization and having a great plan of action?

Heck yeah!

But "having your ducks in a row" outwardly means little if you feel like a "hot mess" inside.

So I started gathering amazing tools to help Christian women manage change, make confident faith-guided decisions, nurture their emotional growth, and conquer their inner-critic.

Are you ready for your lightbulb/"aha"/lightening bolt moment?

Then we need to talk soon!

Don't put your wonderful future on hold any longer.

Let's grab onto that life that you know you were created for!

All my best,


Christian Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach,

Behavior Change Specialist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,

Personal Trainer


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