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Ditch These Nasty Lies in 3 Steps

I hope you don't have many (or any) people in your life who drag you down with nasty words, but you may be overlooking the biggest influencer over your life and your! Have you ever really thought about some of the negative things you say to yourself? Would you allow someone to say those negative things to your kids? Mama bear, you need to protect yourself too. Here are three steps to start taking those negative, nasty thoughts captive and allow yourself to grow.

1. Notice what you're saying to yourself repeatedly.

2. Ask yourself if it's true.

3. If it's not true or fair, flip the statement into something that IS true.

Here are some examples:

Original thought: "I'll never have the time to exercise."

FLIP: "I devote time to things that are important to me."

Original thought: "I always eat like crap at night. At this rate, I'll never lose 20 pounds."

FLIP: "I have the spirit of self-control. I make smart choices and set myself up for success."

Original thought: "I failed at every diet and exercise program in the known-world. Nothing will work for me,"

FLIP: "What I've tried in the past hasn't brought lasting change. I have resources to help me tailor healthier habits to my lifestyle."

If you don't have resources to bring your goals comfortably into your current lifestyle, let's talk! I specialize in helping women bring about lasting, healthy change despite the craziest schedules and roadblocks.


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