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I'm Mad about the Problem I See (& How a Community of Women Can Solve It)

As a Christian woman and mom, I am hopping mad.


I'm mad because I see women:

living small


living in distraction

putting off their own breakthrough until.....(their kids graduate, there's more money, there's more time, their USPS package finally arrives etc.)

neglecting themselves

laughing off their pain, overwhelm, and roadblocks while they scroll away their lives

(I know I stepped on some toes 😬 with that last one, even my own, but it had to be said.)


When I see this happening I want to scream:




Can I pause right here and let you know that as a sister in Christ, I am telling you the truth in LOVE.

I never want to hurt anyone's feelings or make them feel bad,

but maybe it's time to be mad about what's been stolen from you through our culture, the enemy, and from daily neglect.

Did you notice that these have been taken from you or that you've given them away yourself?

Your time

Your energy

Your motivation

Your desire

Your ability to dream big

Your power to step out in bold confidence

Your capacity to hear from the Holy Spirit

our ability to persevere in the face of hardship


And most importantly your power to live

  • connected to (and at-home in) your body,

  • in unity with your spirit and the Holy Spirit,

  • with savviness regarding your emotions,

  • and operating from a sound mind full of TRUE thoughts and beliefs about yourself, others, and God.

And maybe right about now you're having some "trashy" thoughts

(aka "unhelpful" thoughts)

about your right to these or your ability to take hold of them.


"Who am I to.......(dream big, ask for more, go for it)?"

"I'm investing in other places right now, I have no right to spend any time or resources on myself."

"I've failed before at x, y, and z, so I have no right to try anything else."


And if you WANT TO believe those things, I am NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA,

and what I'm about to introduce isn't for you (yet).

*Let me just encourage you that all these beliefs can be changed, and I can help you do it. I coach my clients on this all the time with amazing results.

I know I've called you to the mat, and I'm calling myself out too.

But living a "beige", blah, numb, wimpy, fearful life is NOT what God has for His daughters.

Check the scriptures and see for yourself 🧡


If you are MAD (righteous anger, mind you)


If you are ready to bless yourself, your family, and your children's children


It's time to unapologetically shine BRIGHTLY for Christ in this bonkers world.



And over the past months, God has been cultivating a vision in my mind and heart to build a community of

🔥FIRED UP🔥 women who are ready to live the life they were created for, even if right now they feel overwhelmed and discouraged.


And while many women will dip their toes into this idea and hope for the best, I am putting out the call to the select few who are ready to go "ALL IN" and are committed to going for that life that they only secretly dare to dream of.



People will tell you you can solve this with a "magic pill"

or a book

or a glass of rosé

but if we're brutally honest, we all know that none of those are going to get you what you REALLY want and deserve as a daughter of the Most High.


It takes feistiness.

It takes commitment.

It takes partnering with a highly skilled Christian coach who understands the WHOLE person

and a 🔥 fired up 🔥 community to get you where you want to go.


You in?

Mighty Hearted Lion


🔥🔥🔥 Learn more and join now 🔥🔥🔥🔥!


All my best,

Kate Wood

Christian Life Coach

Christian Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and Health Coach


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