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Accomplish Your Summer Goals

You know that feeling at the start of summer when your hopes are sky-high?

Oooh, it's a delicious feeling!

You’re ready to:

  • declutter the whole house

  • create a year-long meal plan

  • teach your kids pottery

  • train for a marathon

  • and maybe even achieve world peace.

> But then July hits, and you’re wondering why everything has stalled out regarding your goals.

(Ask me how I know ; )

> By August, the guilt sets in because you haven’t made satisfying progress on any of those goals.

> Come September, you’re feeling frazzled and unprepared.

Aaack! I don’t want that for you.

I’ve created a special snippet from my "Summer Reclaimed" workshop to help you recognize and overcome the barriers that trip us up.

It’s packed with practical tips to manage your schedule, combat self-sabotage, and keep you motivated all season long.

Coach Kate Wood

Want to make this summer truly amazing?

This summer, let’s do things differently.

Your confident, accomplished, amazing self awaits!

All my best,


P.S. Looking for an even more personalized approach?


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