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 6-Week January Fitness Reset Program

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2020 is upon us, and it's time to SMASH those goals!  Whether your a regular exerciser looking to spice up your current routine or you haven't worked out in a long time, this 6-week "January Reset" Fitness Program is designed just for you! Let's jump-start a healthy fitness routine together while the year is fresh and new!  NOW is the time to establish (or re-establish) good habits that will make all the difference in your health and well-being!


The online program begins Monday, January 13th.

Here's what the program includes: 


20 different workouts to enjoy including circuit training,  Pilates, functional training, interval training and more!

(No worries if you don't know what some of these are! I'll walk you through it!)


PLUS - Bonus Walking Progression Program! 

Time Saving

These fun workouts are designed to fit into your mom-life. They're  20-30 minutes long and require minimal equipment.  (All you need are a light and medium set of weights and an optional core ball or kid’s bouncy ball.) 


Safe and effective workouts that always include low impact options!  All of the exercise demos and videos are of me (Kate) showing you exactly how to perform each movement!  I show beginner and more advanced options so you get the workout you need!  


Your interactive online workout calendar  tells you which workouts to do when.  Miss a day? No worries, you can go back and do the workout on another day!  

With 6 weeks of access, these online workouts allow you to take your exercise anywhere you go!


You'll be invited to a private, exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions and we can troubleshoot any movements or workouts! I include Facebook Live sessions so you can ask questions in real-time. 


Weekly email check-ins that include motivation, recipes, and tips! This is where you tell me how you're doing and what additional support you might need. 


For the price of 2-3 personal training sessions at your local gym, you get 6 weeks worth of workouts with the support of an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach! 

Let's Go! 

Regular price: $160


Register by Sunday, January 6 to receive the


Want a peek into your workouts? 

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