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Accelerated Results in Just 6 Weeks!

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Did you have big plans for this summer?

Maybe you had plans to slow down a bit and finally take care of YOU.

And I hope that is happening big time!


But if it isn't, and you look at the calendar with a bit of panic as the summer speeds ahead, I have an amazing opportunity that could be the perfect fit for you!







When you "put your foot on the gas" with Fast-Track Coaching you get :

6 Live Private Coaching Sessions

  • The time we spend is laser focused on the unique results you desire

  • Avoid wasting time and energy on material that doesn't apply to where you are right NOW.



6 Weeks to Your Amazing Results

  • Speed up the timeline and transform your dreams into reality in 6 short weeks.

  • See how your fast-tracked progress ignites and inspires you to pursue your results with passion

  • Ditch d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g out your journey and getting bored with waiting months to see results




Personalized Roadmap for Success (value $750)

  • Your unique coaching journey is based on ONLY on what matters most to you right now. No fluff. No script.

  • Leave the one-size-fits-all programs for the people who have time to waste.


Custom Coaching Insights (my clients call these "Magic Notes")

and Actionable Recommendations (value $600)

  • After each session, you'll receive a customized email highlighting your progress, giving you actionable suggestions for even faster results, and personalized coaching insights that you will use for years to come.

  • Avoid the FOMO of forgetting main points or the distraction of taking your own notes.


Instant "Q & A" Access ($1200)

  • Anytime you need insights, encouragement, or accountability, I'm here to bring you customized answers within 24 - 48 hours.

  • Ditch the "radio silence" between coaching sessions and get your questions answered right away.














So if you're:

  • So sick of feeling stuck that you're ready to ACT quickly to get major results


  • You're so inspired by your goals that you're excited to curate your life in a way that makes your dreams happen


  • You realize what you've been doing is NOT working and you want to have an experienced coach by your side to take you step-by-step into a gorgeous autumn


...Fast-Track Coaching makes total sense for you.












If you know you want accelerated results and you're "all in" please fill out this quick application.






THIS is your big opportunity to make things happen before summer ends!

Bullet Journal
Girl Hiking in Mountains

Kate Wood is a
Christian Life Coach,
Health Coach,
Behavior Change Specialist,
Emotional Intelligence Coach,

Personal Trainer
and Mom of 5.

With over 20 years in the wellness industry, her passion is to help women reduce toxic stress, make friends with their emotions, and craft the beautiful life they were created for. 


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


"I was able to propel past overwhelm and crippling beliefs.

I've gained the confidence and
wisdom to act decisively."

"Kate is the whole package

when needing coaching about health, fitness and
emotional and spiritual health."
- Beverly

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