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About Kate


Hello there.  I'm Kate Wood. 


I'm a life coach and a homeschooling mom of five kids.  


I help overwhelmed women manage stress, create emotional wellness, and reconnect to themselves and their loved ones.  


If you check out all my certifications below, you'll see that I've had a passion for women's wellness for over 20 years.   


I am in a continuous state of learning and implementing new skills so I can bring my clients the best possible tools to build a life of greater calm, emotional resilience, and a deep connection to their wants, needs, and faith. 

As a Christian, I am very purposeful in using and teaching techniques that align with Biblical truth. 


Because I want to please God with my work AND get my clients amazing results, all stress relief and emotional release techniques are carefully chosen for their effectiveness and their alignment with God's Word. 



Certifications and Education


Certified Christian Life Coach (2021)

Emotional Intelligence Life Coach (2023)


EFT Practitioner (2023)

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (2019)

ACE Certified Behavior Change Specialist (2021)

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2004)

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Majoring in Psychology, Kalamazoo College (2001)

ACE Certified
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